Real life experiences

I enjoyed the course of TEFL very much. Even though it was getting more and more intense with every week (those are my personal impressions) I found it very inspiring. Many many great insights and observations. It completely changed my understanding and knowledge about teaching! (to the better of course).

I had an unforgettable time doing my TEFL training in June 2018! It was an intense but rewarding experience. I learned so much and met a group of amazing people. The staff and trainers were all helpful and down to earth. I definitely recommend this program for anyone looking for a unique and life­changing experience.

The TEFL training course in Prague was an amazing opportunity to both learn how to teach and also make incredibly memories and friends! This was the best experience, in terms of both the course and the city. If you are thinking about doing this course, do it! You will not regret it!

A very positive TEFL course in Buenos Aires with an amazing teacher. I am much better prepared to teach now because of it. Casual yet focused classes packed of a lot of material into a short amount of time without feeling stressed or bored. Both the TEFL course observations and teaching practices were very useful and gave us an idea of what working in an institute is like.
Thank you very much for everything.

I think I learnt a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and I also feel that I am ready to go out and teacher others now. The TEFL Trainer in Buenos Aires we had was great and showed us everything necessary for a teacher to have as qualities, she was helpful and provided plenty of examples, was accessible and showed a real interest in us as students. She was very patient and very supportive. The teaching practice sessions were great and very useful to gain some experience with real local people before getting the TEFL certificate. My host family is great, they are all very welcoming and helpful and I feel very much at home here. Thank you very much for a great experience.

The best TEFL college in Thailand. Everyone is so caring and friendly, once you leave ­ you truly leave a part of you behind. You aren’t just another student, you’re family. Not only do you grow as an aspiring teacher, but as a person. 5/5, excellent certification, guaranteed job placement, by far the best TEFL course!

I had a blast in Costa Rica!

I would recommend TEFL course to teachers who have started their career recently as it provides with necessary knowledge and skills. We had lots of practice which I found really helpful and our instructors always directed us and shared their ideas. They have a great professional team, it was pleasure to work with them. And also people from all around the world come to study there which makes it so much fun! I really enjoyed it.


Incredible experience. Trainers were amazing and truly insightful. Always available and helpful for your needs. Flexible when necessary or if possible. I highly recommend this course for all those looking to teach English as a foreign language.

This course in Buenos Aires has been a very informative, challenging and fun course. It has given me the confidence I lacked before and provided me with many of the tools, skills and practice that I needed for my future. Our instructor is incredibly intelligent and can read her students very well. The three of us in class are very different as people and she could teach us all and
get the most out of us. Overall, I felt motivated and learnt a lot. Before the TEFL teaching practice sessions, I could not picture myself teaching a new student, they were very practical, enjoyable and helped me build confidence.

I enjoyed coming to class each day, which was a nice experience. The information that I was taught will not only make me a better Teacher but a better person as well. I thought our teacher was excellent, not only knowledgeable of the material but also able to teach it in a manner that made it fun. I like that she had many resources to draw upon. The teaching practices were both useful and amazing. Thank you so much!

Great course and an incredible experience! The whole team in Thailand are just the best like a whole new home away from home! Couldn’t have hoped for a better company to do my TEFL with! 10/10 skip the rest come straight to the best!

This is an incredible company and school. The staff are super organized and approachable and ave really been the biggest support in my learning. I have totally loved doing my TEFL course with them and I would recommend them to ANYONE interested in learning to teach English in Thailand.

I never imagined I could learn so much in a month! The course is intense but very rewarding. The trainers were knowledgeable, professional and always had time to help…I would definitely recommend the course in Vietnam.

Had an amazing experience in Guatemala. I learned a lot and have memories I’ll carry with me forever.”

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