I am changing the world – I teach!

Why do this?

Find the joy in teaching
The students, the games, the tears, the laughs, the private jokes, the pay packet… Teaching English abroad gives you a chance to try something new, something different, something that you’ve never experienced before!

Get out of the office
Teaching English abroad is energetic, engaging and motivating. You get to stand up, be creative, engage with people, learn from others and never go back to a mind-numbing 9-5 office job.

You can choose from a variety of cities all over world that will provide you
with excellent travel opportunities to many, many exciting destinations. There is also plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture. You can have all of your TESOL/TEFL and travel related needs met under the one roof – a one stop shop.

Why participate in our accredited partner’s courses?

The process of accreditation is painstaking and time-consuming, so institutions that choose to make this effort are more stable, reputable, and concerned about high standards in the industry. All our partners made the effort to ensure they get accredited. They genuinely care about the quality of certification you will get, and they want to take on this journey with you & assist you with your individual needs. We are a passionate bunch of people who absolutely love what we do! Our greatest joy comes from seeing you succeed. TEFL training courses that do not undergo the accreditation process tend to be less committed
to best practices, which at times results in sketchier programs with short histories and shorter futures. In other words: Your hard-earned money will go down the drain!

Why is it so important to use Safe Travels?

It’s important for two reasons to work through us.

Firstly, it helps you as a consumer wade through the sea of available TEFL certification courses and understand which ones are better quality. We did all the groundwork for you.

Secondly, it helps assure your future employers (schools abroad) that you are properly trained via a course that meets industry standards.

Thirdly, we are trusted experts in our field and have been working in the travel & work abroad industry for over a decade. We are avid travel junkies ourselves with a passion for cultural exchange and for creating meaningful & rewarding experiences for all our clients.

Remember that you will be guaranteed teaching jobs! No hassle!

Other perks besides a guaranteed teaching position include: visa help, assistance with housing & ongoing support with our partners.

This option provides a detour past the hassle of organizing everything on your own, and a supportive, structured environment with real-world teaching experience and mentoring. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Added benefits

Say you know you want to teach in Thailand and therefore opt to take your TEFL class in our Thailand destination. Following your course, it’s very easy to transition straight into a job! This in-person course option makes sense.

It’s very streamlined and the idea of having 3 weeks to a month in your new home country before jumping into a job is a great chance to get acclimatised and settled.

With hands-on job search guidance from the international in-person staff, students who earn their certification in-person usually begin working within a day to a few weeks of the completion of their course.

Will your certificate expire?


Lifelong TEFL certification gives you freedom and flexibility to teach English abroad whenever you wish in the future. You have the freedom and flexibility to put your accredited certificate to use immediately teaching English abroad or to simply check it off on your to-do list as the first step towards your adventure. Like a university degree, this is a qualification you will have for the rest of your life. You never have to take additional training or coursework to renew it. You can teach English in Latin America in your twenties and then retire as an English teacher in a coastal city in Southeast Asia in your fifties. This your golden ticket to use for the rest of your life whenever you wish to teach English across the globe.

Never. Stop. Exploring.

Are you ready to change the course of your destiny?

Then what are you waiting for? Contact us for the experience of a lifetime!

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